Five. Four. Three. Two. One.


It’s the eve of something different. I’m up late, tossing and turning between my cold sheets. It’s the eve of something beautiful and I’m afraid I’ll miss it. 

I think we’re all been there. Lost the moments that become hours, that become days; reeling in the chaos. It’s almost midnight, again. It looks like ever other night but this feels different. Another year, another chance. 

Maybe this time, it’s different. Clean slate, fresh start. Washing off another year, and swimming in the hope of change. 

It’s midnight, and I, I hope to change. 

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This life is not a race. It’s not a contest or a competition. It’s a patient broken story, breaking more and healing more with all our different days, rich with winning as well as losing. We’re meant to win and lose together. We’re meant to know some people on this journey, to walk it together, to mourn and cry one day, to laugh and dance the next. We get to remind each other that we absolutely positively can’t give up. Can’t settle. - Jamie Tworkowski

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1.11.2012 International Human Trafficking Awareness Day
I am Hope.
I’ve joined the Fight to End Human Trafficking.

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Follow! Follow! Follow!


Join the Fight to End Human Trafficking!

We are hope!

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The human Soul, no matter how strong, can only handle so much damage before it shuts down its light, in hope that it is no longer seen; that the world will no longer notice it. With this in mind… Let’s not damage people, let’s remind souls that they harness the ability to bring light to the earth; that there is always Hope.There is always Hope.

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