The Reigning Lane Hazlehurst
God is still in the business of redemption, and He invites us to join Him. He asks us to whisper truth to the face of death, to lay down our lives that others might find something alive. Something true. Pain is real. But hope is also real. The fight song and the love song collide. The song is ours to sing.
Jamie Tworkowski 
This life is not a race. It’s not a contest or a competition. It’s a patient broken story, breaking more and healing more with all our different days, rich with winning as well as losing. We’re meant to win and lose together. We’re meant to know some people on this journey, to walk it together, to mourn and cry one day, to laugh and dance the next. We get to remind each other that we absolutely positively can’t give up. Can’t settle. - Jamie Tworkowski
The world is broken and scary but it’s also huge and beautiful and all of that means endless possibilities, endless opportunities. You were made with a purpose. You are a part of a bigger story of hope and change and you have a part to play.
Jamie Tworkowski (TWLOHA)

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The home of my heart:
Where there are pleasures
evermore and
mercy always wins.